Quran7 Viewer  v.1 8

The Quran is the sacred book of the Islam. It was written by Prophet Mohammed, who received its text directly from Allah through the Archangel Gabriel. This application contains the 114 Suras or chapters of the Quran.

MB Angel Oracle

MB Angel Oracle software is a simple and user-friendly interpretation software which is a combination of guardian angel, goddess oracle and angelscope softwares. This tool not only finds out your ruling angel based on your date of birth but also helps you


MB Guardian Angel

MB Free Guardian Angel determines your guardian angels from your date of birth. Guardian Angels are also known as fairy godmother or guardian spirit or ministering angel. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of your guardian angel along with

Biblical Lunar Calendar  v.1.0

The bible is a book which contains prophecy. It is a book of past events which symbolically represent future events. Prophecy is statements about events which are going to occur in the future.

Angelic Reiki  v.1.0

Angelic Reiki Puzzle With Metatron's Cube For you to have Fun Solving | Great For Passing The

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